ORMOC ATHLETES EXCEL IN NATIONAL TAEKWONDO CHAMPIONSHIPS. LGU-Ormoc proudly honored the outstanding achievements of Ormocanon athletes, particularly the remarkable success of the Ormoc Headhunters Taekwondo Team at the National New Face of the Year Taekwondo Kyorugi Championships in Manila, Philippines on May 25-26, 2024.

The honoring happened during the June 3, 2024 flag-raising ceremony of the city government of Ormoc.

The awardees were Jan Jacob Juba (Gold), Rian Akela Ramos  (Gold), Aira Genelle Capendit (Gold), Keefe Anthony Tamelin (Gold), Anton Gabriel Hermosilla (Gold), Marco Palmitos (Silver), Adriel Brian Manatad (Silver), Bart Miguel Ycoy (Bronze), Miles Isaac Quiros (Bronze), Marco Isaiah Rey Ymas (Bronze), and Keifer John Edsel Florendo (Bronze).

In addition to recognizing the athletes, LGU-Ormoc also expressed its gratitude to coaches Anna Mae Tolo and Erickson Ross Tolo for their invaluable guidance and support throughout the athletes’ journey.

The success of the Ormoc Headhunters not only brings pride to the city but also underscores its commitment to fostering athletic excellence and promoting sports development within the community. As Ormoc continues to celebrate the achievements of its athletes, it reaffirms its dedication to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for sporting success. (By Joanna Grace Duenas / EV Mail June 3-9, 2024 issue)