ORMOC CITY MAYOR LUCY TORRES GOMEZ AND LEYTE FOURTH DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE RICHARD I. GOMEZ have honored the exemplary service of Ormoc’s uniformed personnel and their allies at the “Pagsaludo” 2024 Awards and Rewards Program held at the Ormoc City Hall Multi-purpose Hall on Thursday (June 13).

The ceremony aims to recognize the tireless efforts of the city’s law enforcers and their supportive partners, as well as celebrate their pivotal role as the custodians of peace and security within the community.

In her address, City Mayor Lucy Torres Gomez conveyed her sincere appreciation to the attendees, hailing them as modern-day heroes and champions.

Echoing the mayor’s sentiments, Congressman Richard I. Gomez also commended the courage and selflessness exhibited by the city’s uniformed personnel and allies. He emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration in addressing the challenges faced by the community, emphasizing the need for continued support for those who serve on the front lines of defense.

The “Pagsaludo” 2024 Awards and Rewards Program not only recognizes the achievements of Ormoc’s guardians of peace but also serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to upholding security and stability for all its inhabitants. (By Joanna Grace Duenas / EV Mail June 10-16, 2024 issue)