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Motorboat bridges Samar youths to education


LAS NAVAS, NO. SAMAR – Before the sun breaks on Mondays, college students of San Isidro village of this town converge at the barangay hall to get their name listed on a manifest then waits at the port for the motorized banca that will bring them to Catubig town where the state university is.

Since April this year, a new boat has been exclusively ferrying them – the SK Motorboat Service – a project of the village’s Sangguniang Kabataan intended primarily for the students to help them continue to pursue a college education.

“Before, students had to fight for space to board the boat along with other passengers as well as with farm products that needed to be brought to the market. They also pay the regular fare of PHP 70.00 each which is not affordable to all,” says Elmer Pajanustan, SK chairman of San Isidro.

“Now they can sit comfortably and be sure to arrive at school on time as the boat no longer picks passengers and loads cargoes along the way,” he said. And instead of paying PHP 70.00 for the fare, students only pay PHP 25.00 just enough to defray gasoline expenses and the hired laborer that operates it.

Pajanustan said that while college education is free at the state-run University of Eastern Philippines Catubig Campus (UEP Catubig), some students have dropped out of school because they cannot afford the high cost of transportation as well as the cost of living away from the family.

“I know the problem very well because I was also a student before,” says Pajanustan, who graduated from a Criminology course last year and is now preparing for the board examination. “Sometimes I would not go home for a month just to save money.”

“This project aims to help the families of these students and hopefully increase their school attendance and lower the dropout rate,” he said.

Pajanustan said there are over 80 students from the village that are enrolled either at the town’s community college or in UEP-Catubig. In most cases, students only come home during weekends to be with their family to lessen their expenses for transportation.

The SK president says he has long been planning to come up with similar projects that are meaningful and helpful to the constituents that he is serving, the youth of his village.

“We only have to think out of the box, know the problems of the youth and come up with solutions that will really alleviate their condition,” he says. “We need to come up with projects that are long-term solutions to our problems, especially that we operate only with limited funds.”

He said the village Sangguniang Kabataan had a standing fund of over PHP 400,000 from the combined allocation for this year and savings from the previous year. For the motorboat, the SK spent PHP 120,000 covering the whole boat with machinery, repainting to put the SK logo and provision of outriggers.

As simple as it may be, the project was widely praised by the residents in the community and from other municipalities.

“Our barangay officials never thought of coming up with a solution like this. This proves that there is so much that we can expect from the younger generation on matters of governance of barangay affairs,” commented one resident.

“There is no more reason why a student will not go to school,” commented Arlyn Lluz, another resident of the barangay.

Pajanustan said that aside from ferrying the students going to school, the SK Motorboat Service is also a form of an emergency response.

He said residents who need to be immediately brought to Catubig District Hospital, which is the nearest hospital, can use the boat but just pay for the gasoline, which is a lot cheaper than the commercial boats that charge PHP 2,000 for a special trip.

“I dedicate this project to those students who are struggling for financial support when it comes to transportation,” he said. San Isidro is an upstream village in Las Navas accessible through a 40-minute ride by motorized boats. A road is being constructed going to the village but it goes to a longer route passing through neighboring villages. The road construction is already half-way but the unpaved part is almost impassable during rainy days. By Elmer Recuerdo (EV Mail May 15-21, 2023 issue)

THE PASSERBY: The basis of our hope


WHEN CHRIST told his disciples that he would send the Holy Spirit to them (cfr. Jn 15,16-16,4) after he shall have died, resurrected and ascended into heaven, he was reassuring them—and us—that despite whatever we experience in this world, we can have hope to reach our final destination, which is to be with God in heaven, fully transformed into his image and likeness as God wants us to be.

We should just learn how to strengthen our hope always, since that is a crucial virtue to have. Given our condition of pilgrim here on earth, exposed to all sorts of challenges, trials, difficulties and the like, we should make sure that we are always on the move toward our ultimate, spiritual and supernatural goal. That’s what hope does for us.

We should not get distracted or entangled by our earthly affairs, whether good or bad, for as the Letter to the Hebrews would put it: “For here we do not have a lasting city, but we are seeking the city which is to come.” (13,14) Thus, we have to strengthen our hope always. Our earthly affairs should only be a means and occasion to foster our hope to get us to our ultimate destination.

Hope is first of all not just a virtue that we produce, cultivate or keep to ourselves. It is first of all a gift of God, given to us in abundance. It is the gift of Christ himself who, by the Holy Spirit, is made present in us through his words, his sacraments, his Church. All we have to do is to correspond to this wonderful reality as faithfully and vigorously as possible.

That is why we need to be most mindful of the truths of our faith, giving time to meditate on them and to make them sink in our very consciousness. We have to be wary of our tendency to be carried away by our earthly concerns, no matter how legitimate they are. For again, as the gospel would say, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mk 8,36)

It’s important that just like in that management style called MBO (Management by Objective), we have to have a clear vision of our ultimate goal and make it the strongest desire of our life, so that we don’t get entangled with the ups and downs and the drama of life.

Christ has warned his disciples—and us—that because of him, we will encounter severe trials that would go to the extent of testing our very faith. We have to be ready for this eventuality by always developing a sharp sense of discernment of what the Holy Spirit would be prompting us to think, say, do and react.

We also need to be constantly reminded of what Christ himself assured us. “In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (Jn 16,33) We need to be ready when some fears, and worse, anxieties and depression, would come to us.

This, of course, will require some significant effort, because especially nowadays people are getting too hooked in their earthly, temporal affairs. Some of them who are considered more in the successful side, get too immersed in them that they forget their spiritual and supernatural goal. Others, who are more in the losing side, eventually fall into discouragement and despair. They end up finding no meaning in life.

We should do everything to sharpen our sense and virtue of hope! By Fr. Roy Cimagala (EV Mail May 15-21, 2023 issue)

R&D BUZZ AND BYTES: Blood testing for cancer


A SIMPLE BLOOD TEST, instead of a painful biopsy, could give us mastery over cancer by detecting nearly every case before it spreads, scientists say. The technology – which can identify 70 types of cancer – is now being used in a few countries abroad.

Scientists believe such techniques could be introduced as standard screening within the next five to ten years, allowing oncologists to eradicate cancer long before symptoms are present.

Research on 30,000 people found the checks could identify 91.8 per cent of cases which were non-metastatic. This meant it was more treatable, because it had not spread beyond the primary site where it was found.

The NHS is already running the largest ever trial of blood tests to screen for cancer, involving 140,000 people, with hopes it could prevent one in ten cancer deaths. So far, studies have found that the Galleri test, which can detect at least 50 types of cancer, is able to detect more than half of cases of the disease.

But another company believes that a different type of “liquid biopsy,” called Trucheck, could prove still superior – especially at detecting cases at the earliest stages, when they are most treatable.

The tests were able to detect nine in 10 cases of cancer whether or not it was metastatic. By contrast, the Galleri test reached similar levels of performance when cancer had reached stage four, meaning disease was advanced and may be terminal.

The blood test itself takes less than a minute, involving just two 10-ml vials. The system of liquid biopsies works by detecting circulating tumor cells which are released by malignant growths but not from non-cancerous tissue.

Over a five-day process in the lab, healthy cells are stimulated to die. Cancer cells are resistant, meaning those that remain will grow, and form clusters.

If these are identified, patients undergo an in-depth consultation, after which they can be booked in for further checks, and continue private treatment, or take the information back to their doctor.

Studies of Galleri, a test developed by the company GRAIL, have found that at stage 1 it was able to detect 16.8 per cent of cases, rising to 40.4 per cent at stage 2, 77 per cent at stage 3 and 90.1 per cent at stage four.

By contrast, the test called Trucheck, was able to spot 91.8 per cent of cases which were non-metastatic. It also found 92.6 per cent of cases where disease had spread beyond the primary site.

Even at stage three, cancer can remain “non-metastatic” and the study of Trucheck did not show how many cases were picked up at this stage, rather than at stages one or two, when it is most amenable to treatment.

However, separate studies on breast cancer found the new technology was able to identify almost nine in 10 cases at stage one, while Galleri picked up around 16 per cent of cases. The findings are not enough as the test’s ability to detect early-stage cancers appears limited, and they don’t show how good the test is at picking up cancer in a population where individuals may or may not have cancer. Further research is needed to answer these questions. By Manny Palomar, PhD (EV Mail May 15-21, 2023 issue)

PHP 10.2-M drogas narekober, suspek tiklo


ORMOC CITY – Tiklo ang usa ka lalaki human giingon nga nisukol sa autoridad ug nakuhaan pa sa ebidensyang kapin sa ten million pesos (PHP 10.2 million) nga balor sa illegal nga drogas.

Si Allan Bulahan, alyas Allan “Tigbas,” taga Brgy. Linao, ang subject sa buy-bust operation pasado ala una sa kadlawon (1:40 A.M.) niadtong Mayo 15, sa Brgy. Tambulilid, ning siyudad.

Ang suspek naka matikod nga police ang iyang ka transaksyon diin nakapalit ang poseur buyer og upat ka paketi sa shabu sa kantidad nga one hundred thousand pesos (PHP 100,000.00), hinungdan nga nag paboto kini sa gihuptan nga armas. Nakabaws ang autoridad og naigo ang suspitsado, nadala pa si Allan sa pampublikong tambalanan apan namatay kini mga alas 2:32 sa kadlawon.

Sumala pa sa report sa Police Regional Office 8 (PRO-8), kini na ang pinaka dakong bolto sa illegal nga drogas base sa accomplishment sa Ormoc City Police Office (OCPO). Diin nakuhaan pa ang suspek sa wala pa matino nga kalibre sa armas.

Nakuha sa nahitaboan ang usa ka pistola ug mga basiyo sa naka buto nga cartridge, 21 ka paketi sa gituhoang shabu, apil ang ziplock bag nga dunay sulod nga drogas og uban pang paraphernalia. Atul sa pag rikisa sa tambalanan, nakuhaan pa og pito ka paketi sa gidudahang drogas.

Matud pa niabot sa 1.5 kilograms sa gidudahang shabu nga nagkantidad sa ten million two hundred thousand pesos (PHP 10,200,000).

Ang operatiba nag langkob sa RPDEU 8, OCPO-CDEU, Police Station-4 (PS4), ug Ormoc City Mobile Force Company (OCMFC). Ni Josie Sersena (EV Mail May 15-21, 2023 issue)

Mag-uuma gitigbas sa kainom, patay


MATAG-OB, LEYTE – Naligo sa kaugalingong dugo agi sa samad tinigbasan sa ulo og ubang parti sa lawas ang usa ka mag-uuma dihang naabtan sa kabanay og autoridad.

Ang biktima mao si Sonny Boy Esperas  y Rios, 37 anyos, olitaw, mag-uuma ug residenti sa Sitio Purok Curbada, Brgy. Mansalip lungsod sa Matag-ob. Samtang ang suspek giila nga usa ka Wenefredo Diaz y Suralta, 54 anyos, minyo, usa gihapon ka mag-uuma og molopyo usab sa nahisgutan nga dapit.

Nahitabo ang insidenti mga ala una pasado sa kadlawon (1:30 A.M.) sa Mayo 18, didto sa bukirang bahin sa Sitio Purok, Curbada, Brgy. Mansalip, Matag-ob, Leyte.

Base sa report nga nakutlo sa EV Mail sa Matag-ob Municipal Police nga mga alas 6:00 sa buntag dihang personal nga ni taho sa hitabo ang Kapitan sa Barangay Mansalip nga si Hon. Jose Yap. Dala na usab niya niadtong higayona ang responsabli sa krimen kinsa niangkon og nisurender ngadto kaniya. Gi turn-over usab ang hait nga sundang (24 inches including handle) nga gigamit sa suspitsado pag patay sa biktima.

Pinaagi sa superbisyon ni PMAJ Arturo Salvacion, Jr., dali nga gisusi ang lugar aron pag kompirma sa hitabo pinaagi nila PCMS Roger Baronda, ug PCMS Gregg Ramirez. Human sa usa ka oras naabot nila ang nahimotangan sa biktima nga naabtan nilang nagluko og wala nay kinabuhi.

Sa inisyal nga imbistigasyon, nasayran nga nag inom ang suspek ug ang biktima sa pinoy anan ni Virgilio Solvera, ug dihang parihong nanga hubog, naglalis na ang duha. Dayon gamit ang gitakin nga sundang, kalit nga gitigbas ni Wenefredo Diaz si Sonny Boy Esperas.

Bisan samaran na naka dagan pa ang biktima pero nagukdan kini sa suspek, ug didto gitiwasan pa ug panigbas sa lain laing parti sa lawas nga maoy hinungdan nga nakabsan kini sa kinabuhi. Manubag ang suspek sa kasong murder nga ipasaka batok kaniya. Si Constantancio Esperas ang amahan sa biktima maoy mobarog isip reklamanti. Ni Josie Sersena (EV Mail May 15-21, 2023 issue)

Globe dominates Standard Insights Consumer Choice Awards: A testament to service reliability and sustainable practices


LEADING DIGITAL solutions platform Globe has achieved a remarkable victory by winning four out of six categories in the Consumer Choice Awards, awarded by consumer intelligence firm Standard Insights.

In the 2023 awards, Globe was recognized for Best Network Reliability, Best Prices & Offers, Best Branding & Marketing, and Most Sustainability-Driven Mobile Network Operator, highlighting the company’s dedication to quality service, innovation, and sustainability.

Standard Insights’ Consumer Choice Awards recognizes brands that prioritize the needs and opinions of their customers. The awards’ methodology ensures a fair and impartial evaluation, including stringent verification of respondent information using location, IP address, social media ID, and geofencing data.

The intelligence firm surveyed 1,215 Filipinos in January 2023 to gauge their preferences in mobile network providers. About 37.5% of respondents voted for Globe for having the strongest and most reliable signal in the country, reinforcing its acclaim as a leader in network reliability. Reliability in the telecom industry is rare and a highly esteemed recognition that is considered the most desired quality in network performance, directly influencing customer experience in a tangible way.

In addition, 24% of survey participants acknowledged Globe for its exclusive offers and unbeatable prices, attesting to the brand’s value-driven approach. Globe’s strategic and innovative marketing has not gone unnoticed, with 41.2% of respondents selecting it as a trailblazer in setting industry standards for effective marketing.

Lastly, Globe’s unwavering commitment to sustainability also gained recognition among its customers, receiving 43.3% of votes.

Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO, expressed his gratitude for the recognition, saying: “We are honored and grateful to our customers for this recognition. It truly reflects the dedication and hard work of the entire Globe team towards the upliftment of our kababayans. These awards are a testament to the trust and connection we’ve built with our customers and the high quality of service we always strive to provide.”

Globe’s efforts in protecting the environment were a major factor in its ranking as the most sustainable telco in the country.

For one, Globe has shifted 25 high-energy sites to renewable energy. It has also piloted the use of alternative energy sources to cut down use of fossil fuels within its operations, invested in energy efficient technologies, and deployed more than 9,000 green solutions across its network.

The company has also partnered with several organizations to facilitate recycling of e-waste and provide jobs for the local community. As part of its advocacy for climate education, Globe provides resources such as Camp Kalikasan to learn more about how Filipinos can be proactive environmental stewards.

Globe’s 2023 wins reinforce earlier accolades it has received for its exceptional service, sustainability efforts, and commitment to positive change in the industry.

The company looks forward to continuing to provide high-quality services, fulfilling the expectations of its customers, and playing an instrumental role in the country’s sustainable growth.

For more details about Globe and its award-winning services, visit https://www.globe.com.ph/. (PR)

Globe raised PHP 51.9 billion to date on its landmark tower sale and leaseback deal


GLOBE (PSE: GLO), a leading digital platform in the Philippines with major interests in telecommunications, financial technology, virtual healthcare, digital marketing solutions, data insights, corporate venture building, and climate technology, announced that it has achieved today the fourth closing of 113 towers sold to Frontier Tower Associates Philippines Inc. (Frontier Towers) with a total cash consideration of ₱1.4 billion. This amount reflects the value of the tower assets, which are composed of 77% ground-based towers and 23% rooftop towers located in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Globe already received around ₱26.6 billion from Frontier Towers to date, as they gained ownership and management rights to 2,094 towers out of the 3,529 acquired towers.

In addition, Globe is pleased to announce the closing of another 100 towers for ₱1.2 billion or reaching to around ₱13.4 billion received from MIESCOR Infrastructure Development Corporation (MIDC) to date. These tower assets are composed of 64% ground-based towers and 36% rooftop towers. With this recent closing, MIDC already has control of 1,120 towers out of the 2,180 towers covered by the ₱26.0 billion sale and leaseback deal signed on August 11 of last year.

In total, Globe already closed 54% of the tower deal transferring ownership of 4,039 out of 7,506 towers for ₱51.9 billion. Subsequent closings will happen as and when closing conditions are met. Globe will make relevant announcements in accordance with the rules of The Philippines Stock Exchange as and when appropriate.

Globe Chief Finance Officer, Rizza Maniego-Eala, said “The business of Globe is a capital intensive one and this transaction that we initiated with tower companies has proven to be a great complement to our roll out of critical infrastructures to achieve wider coverage and consistency of service across the country. We continue to collaborate with Frontier Towers and MIDC towards the acceleration and maintenance of a modern and effective network in order to serve millions of Filipinos who are reliant on connectivity and online platforms for their daily activities.”

Frontier Towers’ Chairman and CEO, Patrick Tangney, said, “The handover of this fourth batch of towers is another important step in our journey towards delivering stronger connectivity and sustainable, inclusive economic growth to the people of the Philippines.”

“We are excited about this milestone and the continuous progress we are achieving with Globe. Each transitioned tower signifies a step toward building a robust and widespread digital ecosystem. Our journey is a collective effort, and our commitment to advancement remains steadfast, one tower at a time,” expressed Helen Grace T. Marquez, President and CEO of MIDC.

Ernest L. Cu, Globe President and Chief Executive Officer, said “Through our core business and numerous ventures we are developing, it is clear that we have always been big on how to bring practical solutions to every Filipino across the country. By focusing on strengthening our network and expanding our capacity, which our partnership with Frontier Towers and MIDC enable us to do, we hope to revolutionize the digital landscape and be a leading enabler of technology in the country.”

About Globe

Globe Telecom, Inc. is a leading digital platform in the Philippines, with major interests in telecommunications, financial technology, digital marketing solutions, venture capital funding for startups, entertainment, and virtual healthcare. The company serves the telecommunications and technology needs of consumers and businesses across an entire suite of products and services including mobile, fixed, broadband, data connectivity, internet and managed services. In 2019, Globe became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, committing to implement universal sustainability principles. Its principals are Ayala Corporation and Singtel, acknowledged industry leaders in the country and in the region. It is listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol GLO and had a market capitalization of US$5.0 billion as of the end of July 2023. For more information, visit www.globe.com.ph. Follow @enjoyglobe on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

About MIDC

MIDC is an independent tower company registered with the Department of Information and Communications Technology that provides tower construction, site acquisition, site permitting and erection of towers, and tower management services to telecommunications companies. The company is a joint venture between MIESCOR, a subsidiary of Meralco – the largest private sector electric distribution utility company in the Philippines, and Stonepeak, a leading alternative investment firm specializing in infrastructure and real assets with approximately $53.4 billion of assets under management as of Dec 2022. Further information is available at www.midc.com.ph.

About Frontier Towers

Frontier Towers is a subsidiary of Pinnacle Towers. Pinnacle invests in, builds and operates telecommunications infrastructure with a focus on towers and related assets. Pinnacle is an Asia-focused digital infrastructure platform with a strong focus on the rapidly growing Philippines market. Frontier Towers’ leadership team includes founders of a number of highly successful tower companies and former C-level executives from some of the world’s leading wireless operators. Pinnacle is backed by leading global investment firm KKR. (PR)

Globe to focus E-Waste Zero Program on mobile and broadband service circularity


LEADING DIGITAL solutions platform Globe is refocusing its E-Waste Zero Program to mobile and broadband devices in response to global industry trends on electronic waste circularity. This shift allows Globe to concentrate on reducing its value chain emissions (GHG Scope 3) and maximize its impact on e-waste circularity.

Starting September 1, 2023, Globe’s E-Waste Zero Program will focus its attention towards items that Globe distributes to the market, including old mobile phones, tablets, wearables (e.g., smart watch), broadband devices (e.g., routers, modems), and their peripherals (e.g., chargers, adapters).

“As a sustainability champion, Globe takes the lead in fostering circularity when it comes to e-waste management. By refocusing our E-Waste Zero Program, we hope to improve our direct impact to our customers and business: mobile and broadband device circularity,” said Yoly Crisanto, Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer at the Globe Group.

Globe is one of 12 leading mobile providers around the world that have signed up for the new set of pace-setting targets developed with the global association of mobile network operators, GSMA.

Extending the lifespan of mobile devices and promoting circularity can greatly benefit the environment. Per GSMA, refurbished phones have 87% lower climate impact than new ones, and recycling five billion mobile phones globally can recover valuable resources worth US$8 billion.

Since its launch in 2014, Globe’s E-Waste Zero Program has collected and recycled 216.7 metric tons of e-waste, ranging from broken mobile phones and computer sets to IT network equipment and home appliances. With over 120 e-waste collection bins nationwide and more than 80 partners, the program helps with the responsible disposal and recycling of e-waste.

The collected e-waste items are processed by treatment, storage, and disposal (TSD) facilities accredited by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). They segregate, treat, and store the e-waste in their facility within the country, while the remaining items are exported to their main recycling and recovery facilities for further processing and extraction of precious metals.

Globe has also partnered with schools and private companies on e-waste donations and has worked with government and non-government organizations in establishing a community-based Treatment, Storage, and Disposal (TSD) facility in Malabon, Metro Manila for the proper handling of e-waste.

The company’s contribution to e-waste recycling was recognized by the GSMA in 2020, as one of the global best practices for take-back and collection programs.

“As we shift our focus towards mobile and broadband devices, we want to assure our customers that our commitment to promoting e-waste circularity remains steadfast. We hope to inspire more of our customers to adopt responsible consumption habits in their daily lives,” added Crisanto.

While Globe will redirect the E-Waste Zero program, collection bins will still remain in their current locations, and the free door-to-door hauling service for multiple e-waste items weighing at least 10 kilograms will continue.

For more information, you can contact us at globeofgood@globe.com.ph.

To learn more about Globe, visit www.globe.com.ph/about-us/sustainability.html.


Sustainability at Globe

Globe is a Participant to the United Nations Global Compact and has committed to uphold the Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. It also supports 10 out of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, with particular focus on SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, and SDG 13 – Climate Action. As a Participant to the #RaceToZero campaign of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Globe has committed to set a science-based target through the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Learn more about Globe Sustainability by visiting the Globe Sustainability Website and the Globe Annual Integrated Report.

Follow us on @GlobeIcon on Facebook and @globe_icon on Instagram, and Globe Telecom on LinkedIn.

Email us at: globeofgood@globe.com.ph


Globe is PH’s Most Reliable Network 5 times in a row


Cementing its network supremacy, Globe has retained its acclaim as the Most Reliable Mobile Network in the Philippines five times in a row by Ookla®, the global leader in internet testing and analysis.

This achievement is based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data, which showed that Globe won in reliability based on Q2 2022, Q3 2022, Q4 2022, Q1 2023, and Q1-Q2 2023.

Its latest win covering Q1-Q2 2023 showed that Globe had the highest Consistency Score™ of 83.64% and was the most available all-technology mobile network at 92.63%.

Reliability is earned by the mobile operator who achieves the highest scores in two key metrics: All Technology Consistency and All Technology Availability.

In Q2 2022, when it first lorded over in reliability, Globe achieved a Consistency Score™ of 79.44% and the highest all-technology mobile network Availability at 93.11%. It maintained momentum in the following quarter, reaching a Consistency Score™ of 82.55% and an Availability score of 92.03%. In Q4 2022, Globe further improved its Consistency Score™ to 83.13%, with an Availability score of 92.38%.

“Globe’s supremacy in reliability, which only a few operators in the world achieve, reflects our relentless pursuit to improve our network and services to uplift the lives of Filipinos. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond network quality; it’s about enhancing their lives through connectivity. We will continue to invest in our infrastructure to ensure that we live up to this title and provide even better services in the future,” said Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO.

Globe’s victory in reliability underscores the brand’s ongoing dedication to delivering top-notch service, fortifying its position as the foremost mobile network in the Philippines. Its continued network buildup is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which fosters infrastructure and innovation as crucial drivers of economic growth and development.

The detailed findings, authenticated by Ookla’s globally accepted methodologies, can be accessed through the Speedtest Intelligence Portal. It stands as a testament to Globe’s extraordinary consistency, availability, and commitment to its customers.

To learn more about Globe, visit www.globe.com.ph. (PR)

Globe registers 54 Million SIM users, remains the undisputed Mobile leader in PH


GLOBE IS THE undisputed Mobile leader in the Philippines, edging out competitors in its user count as it logged nearly 54 million registered SIMs as of July 30, the end of the 5-day grace period following seven months of registration.

Based on data released by the National Telecommunications Commission, Globe has logged 53,727,798 registered SIMs as of 11:59 p.m. on July 30, over 1.2 million higher than the nearest competition.

Globe earlier logged a last-minute surge in SIM registrations after as the deadline lapsed on July 25 and the grace period for reactivation started on July 26, recording nearly 4 million more registered and reactivated SIMs during the 5-day grace period. A survey found that many registered at the last minute as they were afraid to be victimized by identity theft while the others were extremely busy with other pressing matters.

“After seven months of our nationwide registration which brought us to the remote parts of the country, Globe was able to reach the most number of customers successfully.  With close to 54 million subscribers registered, we retained our position as the country’s Mobile leader,” said Darius Delgado, Head of Globe’s Consumer Mobile Business.

“We thank our customers for taking part in this historic undertaking as we work together to beat spam, scam and other forms of online fraud,” he said.

Throughout the registration process, Globe rolled out several modes of registration for the convenience of its customers: its online portal https://new.globe.com.ph/simreg, the GlobeOne app,  GCash, and the bulk registration portal for enterprise customers.

To reach as many customers as it could, Globe also deployed 1,572 SIM Registration Assistance Desks to help the elderly, PWDs, and those without internet access or are using basic or feature phones. Globe Stores and EasyHubs nationwide were also open for walk-in customers who may need help to register their SIMs. 

With the lapse of the deadline and grace period, all unregistered SIMs have been permanently deactivated. Globe said those who missed the deadline may buy new SIMs and register for activation so they could access connectivity services. (PR)