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FROM MATALOM W/ LOVE 2: #Divorce #Article36FC

Dear Atty. Golo, Tinood na “approve” na ang “divorce” sa Pinas? Yehey, may “chance” na jud me magkadayon si Dolfo. Uyab me sa “highschool.” Siya ako “first love.” Peru nagkabuwag me kay siya “fan” ni...

THE PASSERBY: Our true wealth

WE SHOULD be clear about what our true wealth is. It definitely is not anything that comes from the world—money, fame, power, etc. Our true wealth is when we finally are with God, when...

R&D BUZZ AND BYTES: Crapsules & Other Bits

MEDICINE MADE from poop, called crapsules (or poop~pills), may soon be available for patients. They are pills made from the freeze-dried poop of healthy people that could help those with advanced liver disease. Individuals with...

R&D BUZZ AND BYTES: Reducing Microplastics

THE MOST COMMON microplastics in the environment are microfibers – plastic fragments that are like tiny threads or filaments. Microfibers come from many sources, including cigarette butts, fishing nets and ropes, but the biggest...

THE PASSERBY: What is true love?

AS EARLY AS possible, we should be clear about what true love is. At the moment, we don’t have to look far to see how love is understood and lived wrongly by a great...