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FROM MATALOM W/ LOVE 2: #ParentalAdvice

Dear Atty. Golo,          Ang ako anak babaye, 22 anyos pa, gusto na magminyo. Di ko mosogot kay iya banahon paluhobog. Nasuko siya. Di na kono ko pwede magbuot kay gusto na siya mag “independent” naa...

THE PASSERBY: Bread of life? Incredible!

WE CANNOT DENY that we too can somehow share the disbelief of the Jews when Christ declared himself as the “Bread of Life.” We can echo in ourselves their reaction: “How can this man...

R&D BUZZ AND BYTES: Never Had Covid

PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T HAD Covid-19 are now in the minority. A study found that 58% of randomly selected blood samples from adults contained antibodies indicating that they had previously been infected with the virus; among...

R&D BUZZ AND BYTES: Exercise and Memory

AS WE GROW OLDER, our memories tend to fade, ever slightly at first. Exercise can help reduce memory loss since people who include a little yoga in their day may be more likely to...

THE PASSERBY: Humility and greatness

THIS IS THE lesson we can learn from that episode of Mary visiting her cousin, Elizabeth. (cfr. Lk 1,39-56) Imagine our Lady, already knowing that she was going to be the mother of the...