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THE PASSERBY: God’s will and our will

THE IDEAL condition for us with regard to our own will is that it should unite itself with God’s will. It should identify itself with God’s will and channel it as faithfully as possible...

R&D BUZZ AND BYTES: Keeping cool

THE PHILIPPINES IS a tropical country, which means that when it is summer, it could get very hot, as it is now. As extreme heat waves are crossing the globe due to climate change,...

THE PASSERBY: When discouragement threatens us

THE STORY OF the two disciples on their way to Emmaus (cfr. Lk 24,13-35) tells us that we can always count on God to help us, intervening in our lives in a most crucial...

R&D BUZZ AND BYTES: Tracking alien life

EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE could exist, but mysterious objects in the sky are not evidence of aliens. But scientists have thought that they are close to discovering alien life a few times. There have been incidents in...

THE PASSERBY: The Easter life

THE GOSPEL reading of the 2nd Sunday of Easter, which is also called the Divine Mercy Sunday (cfr. Jn 20,19-31), can very well tell us about what Easter life is all about, what life...