ORMOC CITY – Following the publication of a “Wanted” notice in the January 27, 2023 issue of SuperBalita Cebu, which sought to “inform the public that a warrant of arrest has been issued against” the couple Lorenzo M. Baltonado, Jr. and Jerlyn Joyce S. Baltonado and Michelle Lim Go whose pictures accompanied said notice, the prominent Chu family of this city whom Michelle married into was quick to speak to EV Mail to clarify the legal issues hounding said family member.

In an exchange with a family member, who asked not to be named, she said in a text message that as much as their family wants to keep Michelle’s legal issues a private matter, the publication of the “Wanted” notice and mention of a pending warrant of arrest against her forced them to come out so they could defend the family and Michelle’s honor. “Michelle’s name has been mercilessly dragged through the mud by the filing of multiple cases against her,” she said, adding that, “the past few days have brought an immense amount of sadness and pain to our family.”

According to the same source, these cases against Michelle are based on the “flimsiest evidence” and “have also been filed in such a manner so as to deny Michelle her constitutional right to due process.”

“In all of these cases, Michelle’s postal address has been consistently mislabeled. Because of the mislabeling of her address, Michelle has been deprived of the opportunity to answer these accusations against her,” she added.

She went on to share that after a thorough consultation with their legal counsel, and with the family’s consent, they now have a pending motion in the “Honorable Court to recall the warrant of arrest issued against Michelle.” “As much as we want justice to prevail, we pray that Michelle be heard first. Michelle is just a victim in this case,” ended the unnamed family member’s text message to the EV Mail. By Jima Zandra J. Vergara (EV Mail January 23-29, 2023 issue)