ORMOC CITY – “Be appreciative of arts and fall in love with it more” was among the things that Mayor Lucy Torres Gomez gave emphasis on to inspire Ormocanons to appreciate the arts during the Hikyad-Alampat (Displays of Arts) Grand Opening held at the Robinsons Place this second day of February.

The event also marked the 2023 National Arts Month Opening Ceremony. 

She also led, together with other guests and city officials, the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the said event with the theme, “Ani ng Sining, Bunga ng Galing.”

Mayor Gomez said that in the past, arts are only visible through festivals but it is now time to bring it up to a higher level. The different monthlong activities, she said, will make Ormoc culturally rich as a people and at the same time, recognized the substance of every visual presentation at the said event as “naay unod”, she stressed.

“Arts sustain through the worst of times and many can easily relate as everybody resonates to music. Kon maguol maminaw sa kanta, o kaha manan-aw og sini, sayaw, and any other form to ease one’s feelings,” the Mayor further said.

On the one hand, City Councilor Peter Rodriguez also invited everyone to participate and exhibit their talents, saying “pick one and try” that if they are not good in dancing, perhaps one maybe good in singing or poetry (balak).

This year’s National Arts Month program, accordingly, has doubled to 12 activities compared to last year’s festivities with only five. “This year is a celebration of both arts and culture,” Councilor Rodriguez added. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Mario Rodgie Sombilon, Asst. Schools Division Superintendent, OIC, Ormoc Schools Division, in his message, said that the occasion is also a celebration of greatness. He even made mention of the value of professionalism and character as one embarks into the arts. He ended that during this National Arts Month (February), there will be various art booths, exhibitions, performances, workshops and many more to watch and experience and that paintings done mostly by the students, teachers, and artists are displayed at the Robinsons Place Ormoc ready for public viewing and appreciation. By Josie Sersena (EV Mail Jan. 31-Feb. 5, 2023 issue)