ORMOC CITY – Numerous Ormocanons took advantage of the “Libreng Konsultasyon” and other free medical services, which were conducted by the stewards of health of the Gatchalian Medical Center (GMC)-Mount Grace (MG) hospital network in conjunction with its 58th anniversary of helping and saving lives.

The said free consultation included vital sign monitoring, random blood sugar testing, and blood typing tests, which all took place at the new Gatchalian Parking Lot located at Kangleon Corner Rizal Street, this city, on Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

According to Denni Dominic Lepon, Human Resource Manager and Marketing Lead, the purpose of the said activity is GMC-MG’s way of giving back to the community, in line with Mount Grace’s initiative to extend their services for free to those who are in need of said medical services.

Recipients of the free consultation, on the one hand, expressed gratitude to GMC-MG Hospital for the said activity, especially nowadays, they all concurred that the country is still in a pandemic and financial resources are scarce.

“Maayo kay libre, dako og tabang,” said Grace Barrera, 65 years old, a resident of District 19 who availed of the free blood sugar and blood typing test.

“Dako nako nga pasalamat aning libreng konsultasyon kay kaming walay kwarta dili maka pa check-up og private hospital,” said 28-year-old Angelica Jaballa, a resident of Brgy. Kantubo, who brought her sick one-year old child to the free check-up.

According to Lepon, the said humanitarian activity was participated in by 22 doctors, which included pulmonologists, internal medicine physicians, a surgeon, obstetrician-gynecologists (OB-GYNs), pediatricians, an endocrinologist, oncologist, nephrologists, cardiologists, a gastroenterologist, orthopedist, a family medicine doctor, and a general practitioner.

The said doctors are Dr. Jaime Gatchalian, Jr., Dr. Nino Doydora, Dr. Jerome Anthony Navales, Dr. Dario Capuyan, Dra. Marjorie Romero-Loayon, Dra. Evageline Canete, Dr. Emmanuel Moreno, Dr. Joel Baclayon, Dr. Benjamin Villaplaza, Dra. Karina Lapinid, Dra. Mercedita Piamonte, Dr. Chunito Yu, Dr. Arnel Roman, Dra. Charisse Gomez, Dra. Michelle Chu, Dra. Judith Sanico, Dra. Christine Veloso, Dra. Frances Velarde, Dra. Abegail Chu, Dr. Kenneth Rojas, and Dra. Mildred Roman.

The weeklong celebration of said hospital also included an outreach program in the Brgy. Cabingtan Primary School, a tree planting activity at Lake Janagdan in Brgy. Cabingtan, and sports events.

According to Alvin Mendoza, a representative of Mount Grace Hospitals, Incorporated, the Gatchalian Medical Center was acquired by MGH, Inc. in December 2019. MGH provides support to its partner hospitals through acquisition or development of technologies and innovations in hospital management and operations, communications, and medical services because its commitment is “better access to better health.” Furthermore, MGH, Inc. is an expanding network of trusted hospitals in key urban areas around the Philippines that started its operations in 2013 and focuses on providing accessible medical services to the communities it serves. By Gwen Maurillo (EV Mail September 26-October 2, 2022 issue)