PALAPAG, NORTHERN SAMAR – President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. has inaugurated the Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project (SPCR) on Friday, July 14, in Brgy. Simora, Palapag, Northern Samar during his first official visit to the province as the president.

The newly-completed Samar Pacific Coastal Road Project 1 (SPCR), also known as the Palapag-Simora Road, is a key infrastructure that connects the Pacific towns to the rest of the province and completes the circumferential road of Samar Island. 

“With the opening of this road and its bridges, the development of Northern Samar’s rich agricultural land and bountiful fishing grounds will follow suit,” the president said.

The 11.6-kilometer road project includes three bridges – the Simora Bridge, Jangtud Bridge 1, and Jangtud Bridge 2.

The project, initiated in 2018 under the Korea Export-Import Bank Economic Development Cooperation loan and national government funding, reportedly costs around PHP 1.17 billion. 

Governor Edwin Ongchuan, who received PBBM, along with Vice Governor Clarence Dato and other local officials, thanked the national leader for his support of Northern Samar.  

“The SPCR will greatly impact the economic development of our province, as it will remarkably encourage increased agricultural productivity of the thousands of our farmers and fisherfolks, thereby improving our program for food self-sufficiency,” Governor Ongchuan noted.

He added that it will also boost their tourism industry and help sustain peace and resiliency efforts in Northern Samar.

Governor Ongchuan likewise acknowledged Former President Rodrigo Duterte for including SPCR 1 in the priority funding of the national government under its “Build Build Build Program” and the Government of Korea for its support to the project. By Marie Tonette Marticio (EV Mail July 10-16, 2023 issue)