THE CITY Health Department (CHD) of Ormoc has implemented the ‘Tutok Kainan’ Dietary Supplementation Program, addressing malnutrition problems for pregnant women and children at the Multi-Purpose Hall on Tuesday (January 30).

The said supplemental feeding campaign aims to counteract the growing concerns of undernourishment for pregnant women in the city that affect a child’s overall health, leading to impaired growth and development.

Accordingly, the launch of the program serves as a head start to implementing a supplement feeding program for ninety (90) days for pregnant women as well as one hundred eighty (180) days for children aged six (6) months to twenty-three (23) months, respectively.

Moreover, accordingly, this campaign also advocates for pregnant women to monitor their child’s condition, specifically from the first one thousand (1,000) days of a child, starting from a child’s conception to twenty-four (24) months of life.

Sarah Hermoso, City Health Officer, said that the CHD is deeply delighted to have implemented this kind of program to solve the ongoing difficulties of undernourished children and mothers in the city.

“This program is truly vital as it addresses the growing concerns of pregnant mothers and somehow has a positive impact on the health and well-being of the child,” she added.

Edmund Kierulf, Chairman of the Committee on Health, Sanitation, and Nutrition, shared that he encourages Ormocanon pregnant women to join the good cause, as this would help in providing preventive measures for stunting problems in children. By Joanna Grace Duenas (EV Mail Jan. 29-Feb. 4, 2024 issue)